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1. Skin-E-Dip 2x30g (2 oz)
2. Skin-E-Dip 2x100g (8 oz)
3. Skin-E-Dip 100g (4 oz)
4. Skin-E-Dip 30g (1 oz)

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1. Skin-E-Dip 2x100g (8 oz)
2. Skin-E-Dip 100g (4 oz)
3. Skin-E-Dip 30g (1 oz)
4. Skin-E-Dip 2x30g (2 oz)
5. Skin-E-Dip 2x100g

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SED-30g - Skin-E-Dip 30g (1 oz)
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  Great Product
Ken Wollesen - Dallas, Tx   (Friday, February 13, 2015)

I have tried many over the counter skin car products for my seborrheic dermatitis, and nothing has worked. Or, I have had to apply it multiple times per day or it leaves the rest of my face looking 'shiny' and I'm in sales and that doesn't work for me. I want a product that stops the itching and redness and makes my face look normal again. This is that product! I have been using it for years now, and ran out recently and have been using store brand products and just waiting for my 'makeup' as my wife calls it, to come in. I have recommended this product to many people. Keep up the good work!!

  eczema /toddler
declan burke - galway - ireland   (Thursday, May 13, 2010)

we were recommended to try skin-e-dip on our little boy who had eczema, badly in spots particularly on the upper back and the neck area as well as the middle arm area, we purchased skin-e-dip february 2009 and found it to be far ahead of any other product (and we had tried many) in easing and healing his flare - up's, a wonderful product, excellent value as it goes a long way.
declan burke

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