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1. Skin-E-Dip 2x30g (2 oz)
2. Skin-E-Dip 2x100g (8 oz)
3. Skin-E-Dip 100g (4 oz)
4. Skin-E-Dip 30g (1 oz)

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1. Skin-E-Dip 2x100g (8 oz)
2. Skin-E-Dip 100g (4 oz)
3. Skin-E-Dip 30g (1 oz)
4. Skin-E-Dip 2x30g (2 oz)
5. Skin-E-Dip 2x100g

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SED-200g - Skin-E-Dip 2x100g (8 oz)
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  Hands down, the absolute best!
Stacy - Thornton, CO   (Tuesday, April 18, 2017)

SKIN-E-DIP has completely changed our son's skin and life, honestly. Since 2 years old, he has suffered with severe eczema from head to toe. After countless hours and days of research for a skin care option that did not contain harmful steroids and additives, I came across an article that led me to try 'one more product'. Four years later ... and I won't use anything else. Thank you!!

  Best I've found..and I've tried a lot
Stan - California   (Monday, November 28, 2011)

I have been an eczema sufferer and have tried a million over-the-counter moisturizing products. Skin-E-Dip was a great find for me. It is the only thing that really kept my skin moisturized and provided relief. I love how Skin-E-Dip doesn't have any weird, perfumy ingredients and it stays on for a long time. It is a superb product, I recommend it to all my friends. I hope you guys keep it going. Thanks

Ruby Wright - Kentucky   (Saturday, October 23, 2010)

I have been using Skin E Dip for about 6 months and love the product. I started seeing a dermatologist last November with an acute breakout of psorisis on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. I could barely walk and my hand were terrible. The dermatologist really helped and after 5 months of going to him, I was better, but still had terrible outbreaks. I searched on the computer for any relief and found Skin E Dip. I have not been to the dermatologist for 3 months and could not live without my Skin E Dip. I work for JC Penney's as a sales associate, so handle clothes, money, etc. and all my customers are amazed at my results. I tell everyone one about your wonderful product and will forever be grateful to you.

  I have never written a testimonial for any product until now
Meg - USA   (Sunday, November 01, 2009)

I have never written a testimonial for any product until now. Truly after
59 years with eczema, and hundreds of creams and oitments-this is a miracle!
Smooth,soft hands and feet that didn't seem to belong to me-but they do!
thanks so very much for this product.

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